Nera LMS

Welcome to New Generation Training.

The Nera LMS takes the LMS concept far beyond providing digital training content. We use the edX infrastructure, supported and used by many international organizations such as MIT, Harvard and Microsoft.

Let us bring the quality of your digital training content, presentment, trackiing and management of digital education processes into the world league.

Edunera analyzes your training needs and provides a cost-effective LMS solution with a model that allows you to pay as much as you use. It also meets your needs for customization and software according to your requirements and demands.

With Nera LMS you will feel the power of the world's giants behind you. With the support of Edunera, you will switch to next generation of e-learning.

Why Nera LMS?


Globally Competitive

EdX-based infrastructure provides globally competitive digital training infrastructure and presents your organization with the gold standart in digital education perspective.


Low Cost

Nera LMS is provided as SAAS (Software as a service). Don’t pay licence fee, pay as much as you use.


edX Community Support

MIT, Harvard, Microsoft supports and uses edX, and our Nera LMS users feel this power to the full.


Edunera Support

Edunera provides 7/24 comprehensive technical support and software support for all of its products and services. You can request visual and functional customizations on Nera LMS, as part of the software support.


Edunera Flexibility

Edunera is flexible in terms of terms of use and privatization of its products. You can also develop your own open source software and also get the know-how support from us.


Quality and Affordability

By tailoring the content of the education, according to your needs, Edunera is capable of reducing costs without compromising on quality.


Independent of Time and Location

We can reduce your company's digital training costs and resources with digital trainings that does not depend on location, or timing.


Transparent and Trackable

With integrated analytic tools, you can follow and report your digital education processes from overall. Nera LMS offers you a transparent training process.


Real MOOC Experience

EdX is a LMS system that countries like China, France and Israel have tested with millions of users for their own digital education infrastructure. Nera LMS supports hundred of thousands of LMS users as a concurrent and can manage millions of user accounts.


Open Source

All connected applications developed by edX and Edunera, which constitute the basic infrastructure of Nera LMS, are open source. You can mold the software to suit your needs, and avoid falling into a dependency.


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