Nera E-Exam

Reliable and Flexible Exam

Objective, flexible and versatile assesment infrastructure.

Assesment of the trainings is an important process. The assessment should be done reliably, flexibly and accurately. Nera E-exam allows you to follow and manage all training eassesment processes. Flexible question types, question pool structure consisting of questions grouped by different criteria, provide dynamic exam creation infrastructure flexibility. You can also make assessments at different stages of education with the Nera E-exam. Thus, you can add pre-training, in-training and end-of-appraisal stages to your training program.

The Nera E-exam can evaluate both your students and your instructors. We provide reports that you can analyze the performance of your instructors.

Nera E-exam can work integrated with Nera LMS and Nera TMS. Thus, it follows your training processes thoroughly. Reliable, complete and flexible assessment…

Why Nera E-Exam?



Nera E-Exam could help you for standartizing assesment processes. Thus, eassesment can be made from a single point and according to the same criteria.



Exam questions, scores, instructor success rates are transparent. Provides objective assesment.



It supports different types of questions, different types of exams and different assesment processes.


Globally Competitive

Developed using current and latest software development tools and methods, the Nera E-Exam offers a globally competitive infrastructure and user experience. Nera works integrated with LMS and edX. This way, you can create dynamic and static exams in your digital trainings.


Low Cost

Nera LMS is provided as SAAS (Software as a service). You don’t pay licence fee, you pay as much as you use.


Fast and Effective

You will receive the exam results as soon as the exam is over and you can share the assessment with the people who made the assessment and participated.


Edunera Flexibility

Edunera is flexible in terms of terms of use and privatization of its products. You can also develop your own open source software and, get the know-how support from us.


Overall Solution

Overall training management system where you can manage all training processes such as planning, tracking, reporting.


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